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About the Giddings Stone Mansion

Tour the gracious homes of a past era and experience the lifestyles of our forefathers. The Heritage Society of Washington County owns and operates two grand homes that have been designated Texas Historic Landmarks by the Texas Historical Commission

Magnificent Architecture

This magnificent example of 19th century Greek Revival architecture has eleven rooms and two broad galleries that run the full length of the house, both upstairs and downstairs. A separate building houses the kitchen, laundry and servants’ wing.

The home’s exterior is defined by massive Doric columns and wide verandas. The interior centerpiece of the house is the elegant carved cantilevered staircase, ascending from the lower hallway to the upstairs gallery.

Giddings Stone Mansion Exterior
Porch of Giddings mansion

The First of Many

It is believed that this was the first home west of the Mississippi to have electricity and central heat.

Although it was built before public water systems and indoor plumbing, the house has four original bathrooms that first used water from the home’s two cisterns.

Of note is the home’s original needlepoint shower which was recently returned and installed as part of the master bath.

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